Graphene Investment For Your Financial Future

For those that remain unaware of the news, those, in other words, going head-to-sand covered head with ostriches, Graphene is the miracle material whose discovery resulted in the award of the Nobel Prize for Physics being awarded to the research team that brought it to the world’s attention.

It’s a nanomaterial, a single atom in depth, made entirely of carbon arranged in a hexagonal pattern. It’s super strong, super conductive and perhaps the single most promising thing to have emerged from a science lab in the past fifteen years. Such is the potential of Graphene that it is likely to be used in every existing industry, whether hat be medicine, electronics, manufacturing, defense or energy. It is truly versatile and superlative in its properties.

Why Graphene So Special 

Model of graphene structure

One scientist, speaking of the amazing strength of Graphene, has calculated that a single sheet of the material, if scaled to the thickness of food wrap, would be sufficiently strong enough to withstand the weight of an elephant sat upon a sharpened pencil.

That kind of strength, a factor of 200 times that of steel, is obviously an exciting prospect for manufacturers. In fact Graphene is so light and so strong that it is already being used in the manufacture of boat hulls, and is being researched by Airbus as a potential material for the aviation industry.

But, wasn’t the title of this article about financial investment? Well, yes, it was, and I’m sure once you get a better sense of the total potential of this material you’ll realize just how incredible an investment Graphene could be. Think solar power; think efficient battery power; think tough and resilient flexible touch screen technology; think smart drug administration devices that laser target cancer cells; think the replacement for silicon in the computer chip market; think the onset of the Graphene age.

Analysis on Graphene Worldwide Market

One report coming from a respected firm of market analysts has declared a projected growth in the Graphene market equal to 40% year on year until 2020. That’s a swelling of the size of the current industry from approximately $9 million to a phenomenal $126 million, an incredible 13 fold increase in value over the next 7 years. If that is not enough to make you think twice about investing then nothing will.


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