Graphene Switches: Speeding Up The Internet One Hundred Fold

As if high speed internet could not get any faster, it has now been revealed that current research suggests that graphene switches could speed up the internet on the order of 100 times faster. According to researchers, the key to making graphene function as a superconductor of information is by layering it on top of itself over and over.

So how exactly does all of this work? When light hits a doped semiconductor, it makes electrons jump from a lower state to a higher state. In this higher state they can move with more freedom, thus producing electricity. When the energy is gone the electrons return to their earlier state. Using graphene, researchers have found a way to measure recombination time, and the result is that the recombination time of a stacked optical switch layered with graphene was on the order of one hundred femtoseconds.

Translate this into a future for the internet, and we will be processing and absorbing information faster than we ever imagined.


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