The IPhone 6 Graphene Is Coming

As Apple loyalists and smart phone techies anticipate the arrival of the iPhone 6, the market will have more to look forward to when the iPhone 6 is released with its Graphene material. The inclusion of Graphene in the iPhone 6’s package will provide customers with several new benefits. But before we delve into the possibilities, first let us introduce the material referred to as Graphene.

Graphene is a strong yet thin material that enhances a phone’s energy storage. Should the iPhone 6 include the Graphene in its features, then users will no longer have to worry about their devices running out of battery before the day ends. Graphene’s battery enhancement is so impressive that the iPhone 6 could last for several days should Apple push through with including this innovative new technology.

Graphene will also improve the Retina 2 technology Apple has been hinting in the iPhone 6. The high definition quality of the Retina 2 screen will be protected from future damage through the iPhone 6’s graphene protective cover. You won’t even notice the grapheme on the screen as the material is only made of one carbon atom yet its composition makes it one of the strongest materials out there. A single layer of grapheme is said to be practically indestructible.

With its protective, energizing, and strengthening benefits, the iPhone 6 team should definitely push through with the Graphene being the main feature to their upcoming smart phone model. Such a material will not only be beneficial to future iPhone 6 users, but will also return Apple’s rightful place at the top of the smart phone industry. The many competitors in today’s market are always thinking of innovative new ways to come out on top, but Graphene may just be Apple’s ticket to beating any new innovations other companies are considering in their new releases.


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