European launches €1bn graphene research project

The Europe Union has launched a €1bn research initiative for the graphene semiconductor material technology.

Launched in Gothenburg last week, the Graphene Flagship was selected as one of Europe’s first technology flagships by the European Commission in January 2013.

The initiative is divided into two separate phases: a 30-month ramp-up phase under the 7th Framework Programme (1 October 2013 – 31 March 2016) with a total European Commission funding of €54m, and a steady-state phase under the Horizon 2020 programme, starting 1 April 2016, with expected European Commission funding of €50m per year.

The consortium of Graphene Flagship initially includes 75 academic and industrial partners in 17 European countries. It focuses on the general area of communications, concentrating on ICT and on the physical transport sector, and supporting applications in the fields of energy technology and sensors.

The consortium will be expanded with another 20-30 groups through an Open Call, to be issued in November 2013, which will further strengthen the engineering aspects of the Graphene Flagship.

Parallel to this, work is performed among EU member states and associated nations, through an ERA-NET, to coordinate national funding initiatives on graphene, complementing Graphene Flagship funding from the European Commission.

Earlier this year, the University of Manchester has received confirmation of £23m of funding from the European Regional Development Fund towards the £61m National Graphene Institute.


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