Europe Invests €1 Billion to Become “Graphene Valley”

The European Commission (EC) last week announced a €1 billion ($1.3 billion) investment in graphene research and development that will be spread over 10 years. The aim of the huge funding initiative will be to smooth the path for pushing graphene from the research lab to the marketplace.

The initiative has been dubbed “The Graphene Flagship,” and apparently it is the first in a number of €1 billion, 10-year plans the EC is planning to launch. The graphene version will bring together 76 academic institutions and industrial groups from 17 European countries, with an initial 30-month-budget of €54M ($73 million).

Just from a political standpoint the choice of Chalmers University in Sweden as the base of operations for the Graphene Flagship is an intriguing choice. One has to wonder whether it was a decision arrived at after pragmatic analysis or whether it was just a demonstration of fairness in the awarding of business meted out by the EU.

With Konstantin Novoselov—who shared the Nobel Prize for the discovery of graphene—on the Graphene Flagship board, you can’t help but ask yourself why this wasn’t all set up at the University of Manchester in the UK. The UK government already made a $71 million investment last year to create a “Graphene Hub”.



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